Power to the Pedal: 2 New E-Bikes for Your Commute

In an ideal world, every human would have perfectly toned thighs and a flat cycle path on which to commute. In the real world, sometimes you need a little push. We checked out two of the top electric bicycles on the market, in a head-to-head comparison.

1. Budnitz Model E | $7,450 and up

Budnitz’s newest whip takes the company’s signature titanium frame and carbon belt drive and adds a 250-watt rear hub motor. Hit the wall halfway up the hill? Indulge in a spot o’ pedal assist. When the going gets less tough, just use it like a regular single-speed steed. The bike has a 20- to 100-mile range, depending on how much help you need. Regenerative braking adds electrons to the tank as you obey all stop signs.

BEST FOR: 9-to-5 style mavens

2. Stromer ST2 S | $9,499

Just like your Tesla, the new Stromer receives over-the-air software updates for its touchscreen. It has GPS tracking too, good for logging rides and foiling thieves. The 11-speed model comes with a 500-watt drive motor and a massive battery—it can hit 28 mph and deliver 110 miles per charge if ridden conserva­tively. That’ll easily get you from the burbs to the city and back without pushing your lactate threshold.

BEST FOR: Long-range adventurers

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