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Guna drip filter bag

Kita boleh aje enjoy fresh Rain Coffee tanpa mesin kopi. Raincoffee boleh supply bean yang dah grind dan guna drip filter bag untuk tapis.

Enjoy your fresh coffee.

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Easy to use,fits every type of mug, convenient to carry.A quick, simple, and healthy way to drink coffee. Unique product which makes one cup of coffee at a time, directly into the cup.

Suitable for office, home and outdoors. High material quality, better filter. Avoid to the operation of the appliance and clean it.

Specification: Material: Food grade filter paper Dimensions: 9cmx7.5cm Color: White Quantity: 1 set(50 pcs) Way to use:

1.Tear along the dotted line.

2.Place hangers on to cup.

3.Pour boiled water through.

4.Enjoy your coffee.

Package includes: 1 set (50 pcs) x Drip Bag Filters(other accessories demo in the picture is not included.) Tips: We suggest that the caliber of the cup is less than 100mm.

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