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The retro Amazfit Neo Smartwatch is available on Giztop at $59.99

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If you are a fan of vintage Casio smartwatches with a square body, the new Amazfit Neo smartwatch is the perfect watch for you. It comes with a retro Casio style body design but with modern smartwatch features, thereby perfectly blending old and new designs.

Currently, the Amazfit Neo Smartwatch is available on Giztop for just $59.99. The watch comes in three interesting colors, a classic black, a military green shade, and an orange shade that stands out.

Amazfit Neo

The display comes in a polycarbonate body that is attached to PUR straps. There are four textured buttons – two on each side. Like the old Casio watches, some features even require you to press two buttons at the same time.

The Amazfit Neo features a 1.2-inch STN LCD always-on display. It’s a true smartwatch with fitness tracking features like walking, cycling, running, and even swimming. Yes, you can take it out for a swim as it is waterproof up to 50 meters. Other features include sleep tracking, 24-hours heart rate monitoring, and a decent 160mAh battery which the company claims is good for a month’s usage on a single charge.

Amazfit Neo
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